Counseling Services FAQ

​You will need to arrive about 30 minutes early for your first appointment to complete some paperwork. Each session is normally schedule to last 45-50 minutes, though your first session may take longer.

The first session is an assessment conducted with you by one of our therapists.  This is an important step in determining the best way to help in your particular situation.  During subsequent sessions, this assessment will provide the basis for an individualized plan of action, created by you and your therapist.  This will help ensure your success.

What should I expect in the first session?

The therapy process is based on the needs of each individual client.  It is common for our therapists to see children, individuals, couples, or families once a week for about six to ten sessions. As progress is maintained, you can expect your therapist to gradually lower the frequency of the appointments until your success in therapy can be maintained without regular follow up visits.

Overall, you can typically expect between eight and fifteen sessions. This may appear to be a large investment in time and money, but there are few things that will have the impact on your quality of life that a healthy relationship and a positive outlook on life can have.

How long should I expect counseling to last?
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