Domestic Violence Education (DoVE)
What is DoVE?

Raising teenagers is filled with challenges. Teens sometimes face an uphill struggle when they try to manage frustrating situations without the coping and problem-solving skills that an adult may have. Sometimes, a situation with a teen can escalate into violence.


Domestic Violence Education is designed to help teens who have committed domestic violence. This can include a boyfriend, or girlfriend, but most often involves an incident between a teen and another family member.

For help for adults dealing with domestic violence or anger, see Adult Services.


DoVE is a program for adolescents between the ages of 11 and 17 years, who have committed domestic violence or other misdemeanor offenses, or adolescents who are exhibiting behavior that is beyond their parents’ ability to control.

This intervention is aimed at helping teens learn positive problem solving skills and equip them with alternatives to resorting to aggression with others.  

Adolescents benefit from the DoVE Program by learning effective relationship building, anger management, communication, and problem solving skills.

DoVE is a series of 6 group sessions. Parents are involved in various parts of the program in order to help impact the parental relationship and affect change. This program is offered at no cost to participants. 

Teens are involved in group experiences with professional counselors designed to address the following areas:

Personal Responsibility 

Resisting Peer Pressure 

Making Healthy Choices 

Clarifying Values 

Developing Self-Worth 







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