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Anger Management

Do you struggle with a “bad temper?" Have you ever done something out of anger that, later on, you regretted? Have you ever lost a job because of your anger? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by such anger that it seems beyond your control?


How We Can Help
Not managed properly, anger can cause many problems at home, at work, or even with the legal system. Family Counseling Service’s Anger Management Program can help you identify the sources of your anger and understand steps you can take to change how this emotion influences your life. You can take control of your anger.


The Anger Management Program offers intervention for individuals who have encountered problems at work, home, school or with the law as a result of their anger.
What to Expect:
The program consists of 12 weekly group sessions. The concepts, skills, and issues participants have the opportunity to develop through AMP include:

  • Conflict resolution

  • Managing emotions

  • Rational thinking

  • Problem-solving skills

  • Communication skills

  • Setting priorities

  • Reaching goals

Register now
Register for this program by calling our office at (205) 753-2504, or by emailing us.



If you would like to make an appointment for a face-to-face session or an online session with one of our counselors, please call (205) 752-2504.

Appointment Availability: To check appointment availability or, if you are an existing client and want to request an appointment, click here.

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