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Family Counseling

Families are interconnected. When a conflict or problem arises for one or more members of that unit, it can have a ripple effect over everyone. Family Counseling Service focuses on helping the entire family overcome the challenges of relationships and communication. We have experience in helping children and teens adjust to the many issues families face. Let our counselors assist your family in finding the right solutions for the challenges in your life.


Our Services
Family Counseling Service has been providing professional counseling services to the West
Alabama community since 1964. Many times, family counseling can focus on:

  • Marriage/couples

  • Elderly issues

  • Pre-marital

  • Divorce adjustment 

  • Communication

  • Blended family issues

  • Crisis management



If you would like to make an appointment for a face-to-face session or an online session with one of our counselors, please call (205) 752-2504.

Appointment Availability: To check appointment availability or, if you are an existing client and want to request an appointment, click here.

Family Counseling Service

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