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Building Bridges

Building Bridges is dedicated to empowering co-parents to make parenting decisions through cooperation and collaboration, avoiding many of the common behaviors that can have a long-term negative impact on their children.

Through this program, co-parents can identify ways to encourage their children’s healthy
mental and emotional development while navigating difficult changes in their lives.


Co-parents can be divorced or separated parents as well as grandparents in parental roles. The seminar is four hours in length.


How We Can Help
Co-parenting after a divorce may not be the easiest adjustment. However, co-parenting
cordially with your ex-spouse can give your children stability, security, and relationships with
both of their parents. It is imperative for your children that you work to overcome co-parenting barriers and develop an amicable working relationship with your ex-spouse. Putting aside relationship issues can be easier said than done; however, healthy relationships with both parents can have positive impacts on both you and your children’s mental and emotional health.


One of the areas that we discuss in this program is the importance of keeping communication with your ex-spouse child-focused.  Child-focused communication can range from discussing the child’s daily routines to determining whether certain divorce-related topics are appropriate for children. Along with child-focused communication, we discuss many additional skills that can be beneficial as you and your children adjust to these changes in your lives. With effective coping skills, you are more likely to model effective co-parenting behaviors for the ones you love the most - your children. 


Register Now
To register, please print the form below and return it to our office or fax it to us at 
(205) 345-4842.  For submission instructions and to arrange payment and scheduling, call (205) 752-2504 or bring the completed form with you to our office.

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If you would like to make an appointment for a face-to-face session or an online session with one of our counselors, please call (205) 752-2504.

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