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Family Counseling Service offers more than general professional counseling services for individuals— both adolescent and adult— and families in West Alabama.

We offer specialized programs whether it be through your employer, school, or


Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are designed to assist employees in addressing a range of personal problems and concerns that can interfere with an employee’s well-being and work performance. Learn more about our EAP program.

Positive Directions

Positive Directions is a program that offers counseling to school students and their families in
circumstances where the student is experiencing academic problems at school due to a
personal crisis at home. Learn more about the Positive Directions program.

Building Bridges

Building Bridges is a seminar dedicated to assisting parents in reducing the harmful effects of a divorce on their children. This program was created by our own counselors who have experience in helping the parents of West Alabama co-parent successfully. Learn more about Family Counseling Service’s own Building Bridges.

Domestic Violence (Teens) 

Domestic Violence Education (DoVE) is designed to help teens who have committed domestic violence to overcome their aggression and learn positive problem-solving skills. Learn more about DoVE.

Domestic Violence (Adults)

The Domestic Violence Intervention Program (DVIP) is designed to address the underlying
beliefs and attitudes that support domestic violence. This program is intended to work with
those who have exerted power and control in their intimate relationships through physical,
emotional, financial or other means. Participants are challenged to explore the basis for their
beliefs, the impact of their actions on others, various alternatives for managing their thoughts
and emotions, and ways to begin building a more positive and encouraging environment for
their partner and children. Learn more about this program.

Anger Management

The Anger Management Program helps examine where your thoughts and emotions originate
and how to manage your emotions to create a different outcome. The concepts, skills and
issues participants have the opportunity to develop through the Anger Management program
include accepting responsibility, problem-solving and communication skills to name a few.

Learn more about this program. Learn more about this 12-week session.


CHOICES is a program for teens with theft offenses who need to identify the thoughts, beliefs
and attitudes which led up to their decisions. CHOICES focuses on identifying positive
alternatives to antisocial behaviors, resisting peer pressure, and the long-term effects of
positive decision-making. Learn more about this program.

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